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 Bottled Water Supply

Water to Disaster Stricken Areas

Water is essential for life, health and all aspects of humanity. It is one of the most essential elements on the planet and makes up more than two thirds of our body weight. Without water, we would die within just a few days.

In emergency situations there is often insufficient water to meet people's most basic needs, and in cases such as these, Consolidated Disaster Services has the tools and resources to immediately provide safe drinking water in large quantities. Insufficient water and the consumption of contaminated water are usually the primary reason for disease and death, so obviously having the access to a supply such as our company can implement is the number one priority in an emergency operation.

 Packed Ice Supply

Ice to Disaster Stricken Areas

While it may literally be frozen water, ice is a commodity that is very much required in its own form in any emergency or disaster situation. Packed ice can provide first aid comfort and relief for bruises, swelling, muscle spasm, pain, headaches & minor injuries. Packed ice is also used to extend the life of perishable foods and liquids, which is imperative for survival.

Packaged ice is a critical part of recovery efforts, anywhere in the world and whatever disaster or emergency should arise. Consolidated Disaster Services boasts a highly efficient distribution system, the industry's highest standards and the very best quality ice products.