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Consolidated Disaster Services

Panama City Beach

Consolidated Disaster Services is based in Panama City on Florida's Gulf Coast. We are a logistics firm that distributes bottled water and packaged ice in emergency situations to many different entities - including government organizations, humanitarian groups, the military, commercial enterprises and others.

At Consolidated Disaster Services, we pride ourselves on our reputation for being one of the most reliable, efficient and responsive providers of logistical support in the world, and we are always ready to jump into action. We have an incredible team of people and utilize state-of-the-art technologies to consistently and productively meet the demands of our clients.

"In today's world we never know when disaster may strike and when we will need resources beyond our personal or local capabilities to restore people's lives back into balance. Ultimately, Consolidated Disaster Services' goal is the same human goal that we all share. We want to ensure that those who require assistance and support in an emergency situation get it quickly and safely, and that the bottled water and packed ice that we deliver contributes to life, health and well-being wherever and whenever it is needed."